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Our dentists regularly fit patients with custom-made dental crowns as a cosmetic solution after a root canal procedure, a tooth extraction, or for reinforcing a damaged tooth. Dental crowns provide a solid replacement for your missing teeth. They also look and feel like natural teeth for high comfort and function.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is made of composite resin for a durable finish that looks like a natural tooth in colour and shape. Dental crowns are cemented over weak or broken natural teeth, providing a protective covering and a solid surface for biting and chewing. Dental crowns are custom-made for each patient’s unique mouth and bite.

Looks and Feels Like a Natural Tooth

The composite resin finish is shaded to closely resemble the rest of your teeth for a realistic appearance. Crowns are made by taking a mould of your mouth and sending it off to a dental laboratory, where a custom-fitted crown is made just for you. Dental crowns that are well cared for can last for many years without needing replacement.

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