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An oral pathologist runs tests on maxillofacial tissues to diagnose oral health conditions. These dental specialists work in partnership with various other dental specialists to provide accurate lab results for various infections and diseases.

When Is an Oral Pathologist Necessary?

If your dentist is concerned about your oral health, they may take a sample of your oral tissue and send it to the oral pathologist to run and diagnose tests. There are certain oral health conditions that can only be detected or confirmed by a lab, such as oral cancer. In these cases, an oral pathologist is essential.  

What Do Oral Pathologists Do?

When our dentists or oral surgeons take a biopsy or sample of your hard or soft tissue, those samples are sent to the lab, where an oral pathologist runs tests on it. When they come up with the results, they send those back to the relevant specialist to develop your treatment plan.

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