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Endodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on the roots of teeth. It also includes the study of the pulp of the tooth and the root canals. An endodontist has additional years of training to perform procedures such as complex root canals. We’ll refer you to our partner endodontists if you’re experiencing dental problems with your roots.  

When Is an Endodontist Necessary?

The expertise of an endodontist is required when special attention or treatment is necessary for the root portion of teeth. Root concerns are often the result of trauma or injury to your mouth and teeth or involve a severe infection. An endodontist is a specially trained dentist that knows what to look for in the gums, the root canal, and tooth pulp to keep them healthy.

What Does an Endodontist Do?

When you see an endodontist, it will be a referral from one of our general dentists. The endodontist will then examine your mouth to learn more about the problem. They might take digital dental x-rays, use specialized tools for diagnosis, and in extreme cases, perform diagnostic surgery.  

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