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Your teeth are essential to your wellbeing and can greatly affect your appearance, which is why our primary goal is to save and preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. In the case that your tooth requires extraction, our experienced dentists will perform a clean removal and suggest the best options for full restoration so you can continue to eat and speak as usual.  

How Does Tooth Extraction Work?

When you book an appointment for tooth extraction, we’ll provide detailed instructions for what to expect during the procedure. Patients are given profound anesthesia for a painless experience. Once the tooth is extracted, the root canals are cleaned out and sealed, and the mouth is left to heal until a follow-up appointment is made.

What Happens Next?

Once your gums and mouth have healed from the tooth extraction, you’ll want to consider a restorative dental option to help support your jawline and the surrounding teeth. Common replacement teeth options include dental implants and crowns or dental bridges. Our dentist team at Aldergrove General & Family Dentistry will explain the available choices and recommend those options best suited to you.

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