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Our dentists provide compassionate care in all procedures to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed in our office. While several causes could lead you to need a root canal procedure, the main reason to have the treatment done is to save your natural tooth and heal the area to prevent more damage from developing.

When Will I Need a Root Canal?

There are several reasons why our dentists may recommend a root canal procedure to save your natural tooth. Advanced tooth decay or gum disease can cause the roots of your teeth to become infected. Trauma and injuries to your teeth can also cause infections. Our dentists will always discuss the procedure with you in advance to make an informed choice for your oral health.  

What to Expect from a Root Canal Procedure?

Root canal procedures are straightforward dental procedures completed in-house by our experienced professionals. A root canal typically requires two or three appointments to complete. The dentist will clean out and seal off the roots during the first appointment and prepare your remaining tooth for a temporary crown. Your second and possible third visits will include fitting your permanent crowns to your teeth and final bite adjustments.

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