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We offer a variety of dental appliances to support your oral health in between dental visits. Mouth guards are available to protect your teeth while you sleep and while staying active, cushioning your teeth, gums, and jaw from tension or impact. If you need a dental appliance to protect your teeth, book an appointment to talk with our dentists about your needs.

Night Guards


For anyone who clenches or grinds their teeth at night, dentist-issued night guards can help protect your teeth and relax your jaw while you sleep. Your dentist may ask you about teeth grinding if they notice wear and tear on your teeth, but you can also ask your dentist about night guards if you think you need one. Jaw pain in the morning is often a sign of nighttime teeth grinding.



Retainers are the final step to protecting your newly aligned smile after years of orthodontic treatment. Our dentists will help fit you with a personalized retainer for the best comfort and results so you can stay confident in your smile. Modern retainers are comfortable and less visible, so you’ll be able to flash your new straight teeth at every opportunity.


Sports Mouth Guards


If you participate in high-contact sports or recreation, a sports mouth guard can help protect your teeth and gums from injury. A dentist-issued sports mouth guard gives you comfortable, custom-fitted protection that a generic brand cannot. Ask our dentists about a custom mouth guard for you or your children if you play high-impact sports.

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